Reasons to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company in Cornwall

Credit: Dan Leonard

Looking for a commercial cleaning company in Cornwall? You are probably one of over 20,000 VAT/PAYE registered businesses in The Duchy that could benefit from a team of professional cleaners.

A commercial cleaning company organises, manages and takes care of your offices, studios, showroom, schools, galleries amongst a wide range work spaces and industries. We explain how commercial cleaning can benefit your employees and general business, both in the short and long term.

1. Commercial cleaning companies are cost effective

Ah, those sweet sweet words. 

It’s true, hiring a commercial cleaning can significantly affect your bottom line:

  • Expert cleaning staff are experienced so naturally get more done in less time.
  • You eliminate the considerable employment costs including recruiting, screening, hiring, training, and managing.
  • A cleaning company can more often than not maintain better pricing on cleaning supplies, equipment, and refillable goods.

2. You'll receive proper customer service

You will be a valued client. Meaning you will be looked after.

Rather than having to monitor your own cleaning staff, you are paying for a cleaning company that will look after your business. This is a service that comes with advice, flexibility and accommodates your changing needs easily. 

  • A tailor-made cleaning schedule
  • On-call for emergencies and impromptu cleaning
  • A service to answer any queries, anytime
  • A cleaning company to give professional guidance, advice, and direction.
When asking a commercial cleaning company to quote - have this list in mind and ask them questions based on these points.

3. A commercial cleaning company will reduce your management responsibilities

One less aspect of your business to manage.

People management takes time, as does keeping on top insurances, training staff, and not to mention health and safety.

  • Save time and energy
  • Save money
  • Peace of mind
  • Professional outsourcing

4. Your health and safety will be in safe hands

Different chemicals, different coloured clothes, and the right equipment.

Having staff who are trained and qualified in a variety of health and safety courses on-site means you reduce the risk of any accidents in the workplace. The handling of any cleaning product needs a safety data sheet, COSHH risk assessment and method statement. A lot right?! A commercial cleaning company is very familiar with all these regulations. 

  • Highly trained staff 
  • Reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace
  • Transfer of insurance-liability costs
  • Precise management in chemicals = less wastage
  • Safer work environment for your staff
Credit: Corinne Kutz
Credit: Corinne Kutz

5. You will feel the results when you hire a commercial cleaner.

The most obvious, but important point.

The first, second and every impression after. When one of your customers has visited  your office, restaurant, cafe or establishment, appearances do matter. People seem to have this 6th sense when it comes to how clean a place is. Plus, not having to do or organise the cleaning yourself takes of pressure.

  • Commercial cleaners help maintain a positive, professional company image
  • High, consistent cleaning standards 
  • Reduce the stress of having a stray cobweb that might deter custom
  • Makes your employees feel a lot better about when they work 

6. Professional Cleaning Expertise

You are an expert in your field, as are cleaners.

With specialised training, efficiency and an entire arsenal of cleaning tips and advice, hiring a commercial cleaning company will know how to get your building shipshape.

  • Expert cleaning standards
  • Wide range of cleaning services (one-off cleans, deep cleans)
  • Knowledgeable and trained staff
  • Specialised tools and equipment

Let’s all be honest, cleaning isn’t something business owners want to think about or worry about. A professional cleaning contract ensures peace of mind and ultimately has both and short term cost savings, especially in time. If you are looking for a professional, commercial cleaning company in Cornwall, give Passmore Cleaning a bell or email us and we can discuss what your business needs.