5 Perks of Being a Cleaner

mops-cleaning-a wall

Why should you choose to be a cleaner? Whether it’s part-time - to earn a few extra pennies or a full-time career choice, here are some perks to the industry and working as a cleaner.

We are so proud of our Passmore Cleaning team. Their hard working ethos and winning flexibility have helped our smooth and (sometimes scary) rapid business growth. They have all been supportive and are part of Passmore Cleaning for a breadth of different reasons so here’s a few perks of being a cleaner!

1. There will always be work.

Cleaning is like pi – it never ends. This, from our perspective, is a good thing. You can work 2 hrs a week or 20 hrs a week; it’s completely up to you! Big or small, there will always be someone in need of a cleaner, from estate agents, to offices to new builds and domestics.


2. Its Good… No Great, Exercise.

Let’s get physical, physical. If anyone tells you cleaning is an easy job, tell him or her to walk on the spot for three hours, bend up and down (at the knees) and push or carry a hoover. Cleaning is a workout, not to mention all the stairs!

3. You are an Advisor

Be it how to manage the efficient cleaning of a holiday let to ensure people get their housing deposits back. It’s surprising the amount of knowledge you can pass on to clients and share tips and tricks of the trade to make people’s everyday lives a little cleaner. A student may have all the technology at their fingertips but showing them how to master a cloth will help them for the rest of their life!


4. Job Satisfaction and Recognition

So you have just sweated several buckets to make your cleaning project sparkle. The client walks in and can’t believe their eyes! Let’s be honest, what you have done is impressive but to see the client so satisfied and happy really makes the job worthwhile.

5. You’ve Got The Confidence

It’s no secret that Cleaner’s have some sort of stigma in society. Thankfully the majority of people are appreciative and grateful, however when you do come across a bad apple, you know to smile and dismiss their judgement, because you know how many Yorkie’s they ate at lunch. 

There we have it, 5 perks of being a cleaner – a bonus reason is that it’s a job that offers diversity and variety. Check out all our cleaning services in Cornwall to see just how many types of cleaning there are!