The 5* Cleaning Checklist for your Holiday Let in Cornwall

Image Credit: Benjamin Elliott

We've pulled together some top tips and created a holiday let cleaning checklist to impress your guests visiting Cornwall.

… of course you can share this list people who live outside of Cornwall – its not exactly county specific, apart from maybe the sand! It is no secret that cleanliness is vital for many holiday guests. This holiday let cleaning checklist points out some ‘not so obvious’ things to keep on top of. However you manage your holiday property in Cornwall, knowing this list should help those 5-star reviews and a fully booked season. From luxury coastal properties to boutique flats in the heart of town, letting out your property allows people across the country to enjoy the Duchy in every season.

A large part of holiday letting in Cornwall is making sure the cleaning standards of your holiday cottage, house or flat are sky-high.  The following holiday let cleaning schedule should help those 5-star reviews and a fully booked season.  Pass these tips to your Cornish holiday let cleaner, perhaps even make a tick chart to incorporate into their cleaning routine. 

1. Spots to clean in every room

First, on our holiday let cleaning checklist are general spaces or objects that you need to keep an eye out in every room. So as you go through the property, add this list to each room.

  • Clean all door handles and surface
  • Check dust on all houseplants
  • Clean all light switches especially the top and bottom of the switch
  • Wipe the tops of picture frames and polish the glass
  • Hoover the tops of door frames
  • Clean underneath and dust display pieces
  • Clean cobwebs from the underbelly of furniture 
  • Inside the plugs (safety warning)
  • Hoover the lamp shades + bulbs for dust and cobwebs
  • Wipe inside all draws
  • Don’t forget behind the radiators 
Image Credit: Outside. Co
Image Credit: Outside. Co

2. Cleaning the living room

Second area is the space your guests chill after their long day of exploring Cornwall. People can spend a lot of time in the living room, especially if it’s raining, or they have have a movie night.

  • Wipe and hoover behind the T.V (including the wires)
  • Underneath sofa cushions
  • Wipe and hoover behind and underneath the Sofas
  • Hoover the lampshades + bulbs for dust and cobwebs
  • Dust/hoover the books
  • Clean remote all controls

3. Cleaning the bathrooms

Now, people love relaxing in the bathtub and taking showers on holidays. Dust often becomes more visible when wet. This can happen after a shower or bath. Make sure you’ve cleaned it properly to keep the dust at bay.

  • Clean the pipes behind the toilet
  • Soak + scrub  underneath the toilet lip (inside the bowl)
  • Scrub and polish underneath taps
  • Hoover and wipe down vents
  • Underneath the sink basin
  • Soak and clean shower mastic sealant (inside glass)
  • Clean/change shower curtain (have a spare on site)
  • Wipe ALL tiles
  • Showerhead water nozzles
Image Credit: Christian Mackie

4. Cleaning the hallways and entrances

Next is the corridors. First impressions really do count! There is something about a clean front door that people never notice, but get a good feeling from. Make sense? Anyway – never forget your hallways!

  • Front door inside and out (always gets missed)
  • Clean the entrance way (first impression from visitors)
  • Hoover and wipe down vents
  • Check and keep your your laundry/cleaning/boiler cupboard tidy
  • Make sure there is no loose, unwanted  post!

5. Cleaning the bedrooms

People like to sleep in clean fresh sheets and it doesn’t stop there. The bedroom is arguably where your guests will spend the most time. Of course they might be sleeping but if someone spots dirt or dust in their bedroom, they might feel uncomfortable staying the night. 

  • ​Dust + wipe wall and skirting behind the bed
  • Dust T.V, electrical wires
  • Hoover on top of the wardrobe
  • Dust cobwebs behind the curtains
  • Hoover and wipe down vents
  • Change/launder the mattress protector regularly
  • Change/launder pillow protectors regularly
  • Change/launder duvets
Send this holiday let cleaning checklist to your cleaner or use it as a tool to check your property is up to standard.

6. Cleaning the kitchen

Breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and endless cups of tea and coffee. Keep on top of the details so your guests can wine and dine without worrying about the old toaster crumbs.

  • Wipe inside of washing machine rubber
  • Clean out washing machine detergent drawer 
  • Inside and outside kitchen cupboards
  • Toaster Crumbs!
  • Pull back and clean seal in the fridge and freezer
  • Check for crumbs in the cutlery drawers
  • Empty old water out of kettle and wipe around handle/outside
  • Check and clean oven extractor fan regularly

A holiday let cleaning checklist wouldn’t be complete without some equipment tips too. The magic tool for a lot of these hard to reach/awkward areas is the , upholstery brush that fits on the end of your vacuum. Also, we suggest a tub vacuum like a Nuvac or Henry, as the upright hoovers are not as efficient at cleaning as the pipes generally speaking have a limited reach, no matter how much space they save.

This list is not exhaustive! These are the spots that are, in our opinion, the first to be forgotten or overlooked. If you have anymore, let us know in the comments.

Holiday let cleaning is just one of many cleaning services in Cornwall Passmore Cleaning offers.