SkyVac™ Heights
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Hoovering your heights! Also known as a ‘high-level cleaning’ from the ground, this cleaning service uses a specialist hoovering system to reach and vacuum clean the heights of your property. If you have high-up, hard to reach areas with cobwebs and loose dust indoors we can clean those areas without using a ladder or expensive machinery.

What to expect from our heights cleaning in Cornwall?

Cleaning to the top levels of your premises can be difficult from a health and safety perspective and because cobwebs gather in high places too! We can safety bust built up dust and cobwebs for your high ceiling properties, halls, schools and showrooms.

What is a SkyVac™ Atom?

SkyVac™ Atom is a specialist and highly portable piece of equipment. It allows an operator to hoover and clean the surfaces of any heights from the safety of the ground floors. It is capable of removing both dry and wet debris.

Where does the SkyVac™ clean?

The SkyVac™ is able to clean  walls, high beams, corners, hard to reach edges and sills. The powerful suction eliminates cobwebs, dust and loose debris. With a variety of end tools and attachments, difficult to reach spaces and areas can be hoovered.

How high will the SkyVac™ reach ?

Our operatives are able to clean up to 6 m which is 20ft. No need for ladders, from the safety of the ground, heights up to 4 stories are reached with the ultra strong yet lightweight carbon fibre poles. This specialist system cleans your heights as safely as possible.

Who can benefit from our SkyVac™ Heights Cleaning?

Showrooms, Warehouses and Offices

We can service cleaning heights for any large commercial space and buildings. From specialist car showrooms to factory warehouses and modern offices. Our equipment doesn't need any excessive machinery or use of ladders, reducing the risk of cleaning heights.

Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Places of education usually have areas with high ceilings - corridors, libraries, sports halls, dinner halls and specialised rooms. We can help clean the hard to reach window sills, corners and walls. This can be serviced once a term to keep the cobwebs away and remove any built up dust in busy.

Large Halls, Event Spaces and Theatres.

From modern sports halls and gyms to old churches and community halls. We can help clean the heights of any large premise within the community. This includes events spaces with theatres and stages who might need an extra hand to dust up stage lighting from a safe height.

What does a SkyVac Clean involve at Passmore Cleaning?

"We have used these guys as our office cleaners for a couple of years and they have always cleaned to an excellent standard. Good value for money and always very pleasant to deal with. Keep up the good work!"

"Really go above and beyond to understand what you need from them. Add this to being absolutely reliable, professional, seriously knowledgeable, and friendly too - just the best "

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