Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a collection of cleaning FAQs and anticipated answers to questions you might have about our cleaning company in Cornwall. If you have a burning unanswered question please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team.


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What is your hourly rate?

Our ‘hourly rate’ is only really relevant to our commercial, ongoing contracted services. Even then, that price can fluctuate depending on the actual work and hours are required on a site. For example, the more hours a contracted site has per week, the hourly rate can drop as we are visiting the site more frequently and keeping on top of the cleaning.

Similarly, for our one-off cleans such as builders cleans and end of tenancies are usually quoted as one lump sum which incorporates everything from products to staffing to cleaning equipment needed etc. You can generally expect the ‘hourly rate’ of deep cleaning to be higher than regular weekly or daily cleaning.

We don’t have a set, ridgid ‘hourly rate’ price list because we aim to quote fairly and for the needs of each client – this is why we make it a priority to talk to our clients face to face and see the space that needs cleaning in person when we quote. Factors such as products, specialist equipment, consumables, health and safety, PPE, physical effort, can affect the overall ‘hourly rate’ as well as time taken cleaning.

How much are your cleaning services?

The prices of our services depend on a variety of factors including the type of cleaning, how dirty a property or space is, how many rooms there are, how long it will take and if any specialist machines, equipment and/or products will be needed.

As a general rule, you can expect specialist services, like boat/yacht cleaning, and deeper cleaning to be more expensive as extra training, time, resources and skill is needed. Our quotes are based on a site visit (where possible) and are bespoke so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Where are you based in Cornwall?

Our offices are in the heart of Falmouth which is on the south coast. We mainly operate in Falmouth and the surrounding areas such as Redruth, Truro and Helston.

We do and can clean outside of Falmouth and the surrounding areas in other parts of Cornwall. For example, for long term contracted clean we hire and train staff to look after clients local to that contract. For one-off cleaning we may include a travel charge as most of our staff live and work in Falmouth.

How are you environmentally conscious?

At every stage of our business we try our best to reduce our impact on the environment.

Single-use plastic is a major problem in the cleaning supply industry in both domestic and professional products. Our sustainable choice is Jangro’s Enviro ‘Chemical Concentrate’ and ‘Soluble Sachets’ ranges. This allows us to refill and reuse our labelled 600ml bottles over and over again. As well as this, we limit and are conscious of our use of bleach throughout the company – however we do have it in stock and do use it if required. The cleaning product commercial supply industry still has a way to go but we are doing our best as a company to reduce our single use plastic consumption.

Our daily operations and communications are as paperless as possible. From staff notices to timesheets and sitefiles. We run a primarily paperless aka digital company and only print double sided when 100% necessary.

The Passmore Cleaning offices have recycling bins available to us which means we can break down our delivery boxes and recycle any packaging as and when needed.

Do you provide holiday let cleaning?

We don’t generally offer holiday let cleaning or holiday let management. We do have a comprehensive guide written for holiday let owners so if you need any professional guidance and advice you can refer to that.

Two ladies cleaning a big leaf

Do you provide the cleaning products and equipment?

Yes, we have a stock of cleaning equipment such as hoovers, COSHH compliant mops and clothes. For any big specialist machines needed, we can also provide them if needed for commercial, ongoing contracts. We only ask for an adequate amount of time to account for delivery, health and safety assessments and training. For specialist cleaning and one off clean such as end of tenancies, deep cleaning and builders cleans, we use our own supplies to ensure quality.

When setting up a contract you also have the option to provide or use your own cleaning products and equipment on the condition that they are PAT tested and COSHH safe.

How much is an emergency clean call out?

As a general rule, an emergency clean is classed as any clean required to be carried out within 32 hours of the request. We charge a £25 call out fee on top of whatever the cost of the job is.

Do you do dry cleaning?

No we don’t have any dry cleaning facilities – please try Trelawny Laundrette, Bubbles or Pillow Press who are all local dry cleaners in the Falmouth area.

What cleaning products do you use?

We use a range of professional cleaning product suppliers primarily the Jangro Enviro range. Our specialist deep cleaning and treatment products come from a range of suppliers. We are conscious to continuously update our stock to incorporate the most effective and recent cleaning products.

If you are concerned about a particular cleaning product, we offer an environmentally friendly only service – this omits using bleach on your premises. Also, for health specific concerns we have all product safety data sheets on file to read through for any specific allergens or concerns.


Do you charge for cleaning quotes?

No we don’t. All our cleaning quotes are free of charge. We always try to visit you and the property or premises before quoting however when this isn’t possible we ask for clear pictures, videos and an accurate description of the work that needs doing.

Do you have minimum hours for your cleaning services?

Yes we do have a general guide. There can be many variants when it comes to quoting individual jobs so please don’t hesitate to contact us – see our minimum booking hire hours for each service below:

Do you do domestic cleaning?

We don’t offer private domestic cleaning. However, we are contractors of the Cornwall County Council and provide cleaning and shopping services to those vulnerable people who need it.

Do you clean ovens and cookers?

Yes we do oven, cooker and extractor fan cleaning. If you have an AGA or Rayburn oven we recommend you get this professionally seen by a specialist.