Disinfecting and Fogging Cleaning Cornwall

Fogging cleaning is a method of deep cleaning and it’s how we are helping businesses maintain a sanitised, safe workspace for their staff and customers. Fogging is a fast, effective and non-invasive cleaning method in the battle against viruses.

What is Fogging Cleaning?

Fogging is a type of infection control cleaning that kills viruses and biological agents that we can’t see and can cause us harm, namely the coronavirus. A professional cleaner operates a specialist fogging machine which disperses a fine sanitising mist. Once released the mist sanitises all surfaces and air particles it comes into contact with, including vertical and hard to reach areas.

Why bother with fogging?

Fogging reduces the risk of viruses in a quick, non-invasive and cost effective way. This method of deep cleaning is a new concept for offices and everyday workspaces however, it combats the current challenges of coronavirus. When paired with disinfecting touchpoints, fogging cleaning can make a huge difference in creating a safer environment for people.

When should I fog my premises?

This depends on your facilities, foot-traffic and current hygiene practices. For example, we would suggest public toilets and amenities to have daily fogging and sanitisation whereas a socially distanced office with the same people would be done less frequently. It all depends on your current operations. We can consult and advise at any time.

Quick response team on-call to help with emergency virus outbreaks in Cornwall.

A Brief Science: How do we sanitise surfaces using our fogging machines?

Otherwise known as chemical or bio-fogging, our machines create biocide particles from our specialist sanitiser. The biocide in the fog or mist are tiny and remain in the air long enough to eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria – it also kills pathogens on all treated surfaces.

A human-friendly sanitising solution.

We’ve researched and invested in a BIO-sanitiser called Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) that allows you to safety enter your premises shortly after fogging. Our sanitiser is:

  • Water-based disinfectant
  • Effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungi
  • Fragrance free disinfectant.
  • No alcohol
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Entirely organic – harmless if ingested in small amounts

Our machines and micron sizes.

We have a range of fogging machines ranging from 5 microns to 40 microns which include ULV and electrostatic types. Our machines are portable, ergonomic and for buildings with no power supply, battery-operated foggers are available

  • Safe to use on electronics
  • Nozzles designed for hard to reach areas
  • New, updated technology
  • 5 microns = super effective

Fogging is an addition, not a replacement.

As effective as fogging cleaning is, it important to understand that this method of disinfecting is not a replacement to physically cleaning touch points and surfaces. It is used as an additional cleaning measure that further controls the risk of viruses spreading. Touchpoint cleaning should take place daily in commercial spaces as part of new COVID-19 cleaning regulation.