Deep Cleaning Services Cornwall.

Deep cleaning is a methodical and highly detailed clean of an area. Extra attention is given to built up dust, dirt and grime not picked up during regular cleaning. Our specialist products and equipment are designed for those longer and tougher jobs.

Two ladies cleaning a big leaf

How long does a deep clean take?

This depends on how dirty your property, offices or facilities are to begin with. Our team aim to be as non-intrusive as possible and can arrange deep cleaning to be completed out of hours. It takes, on average, twice as long as regular cleaning, however if a space is already tidy, this reduces overall time and therefore, cost.

What’s included in a deep clean?

A trained team of cleaners will systematically clean inside, outside, on top of, underneath, behind and between whatever you need. We can advise and discuss what needs attention in our initial meeting. Upholstery and carpet cleaning are not our area of expertise, however, we can point you in the direction of trusted contractors.

When should I deep clean?

Consider; when was the space last deep cleaned, how often it gets used, what it is used for, and who uses it? Answering these initial questions should give you an educated guess. During the pandemic, it is also advised to deep clean more regularly. We are always happy to advise, so call us with any questions.

If you require a specialist deep cleaning due to the coronavirus please also see our fogging cleaning and touchpoint advice.

What types of deep cleaning services do you provide in Cornwall?

You can deep clean anything you put your mind to which is why we start with a consultation to understand what type of cleaning you need. We visit you when convenient and discuss if the clean requires any specialist equipment and/or products to lift off long-term dirt and grime. It’s also useful to have a professional cleaner on site to ask any questions and for advice.


Commercial deep cleaning.

When was the last time your work space and offices has a deep clean? An bi-annual or quarterly clean is good for maintaining a hygienic working environment for staff and clientele.

Holiday let deep cleaning.

Prepare your Cornish property for the season and book a deep clean before you first guests arrive or during a busy season keep on top of your 5*cleanliness.

Professional mould removal.

Cornish properties and buildings are notorious for mould. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, the key is early prevention. We have a range of mould removal applications so give is a call, no matter how big the job.

6-12 month bookings available.

If you like to plan ahead, we can book in a regular deep cleaning of your space, this is useful for seasonal businesses and generally keeping organised.

Enquire about any space, big or small.

Our deep cleaning services cover any unique space. In the past, we have cleaned small single rooms, mobile food trucks, caravans, and more.