Sparkle and Builders Cleaning Cornwall.

If you are a construction business or have a self-build project, we offer builders and sparkle cleans in Cornwall. There are differences between these specialist cleaning services depending on what stage your project is at.


Site huts and temporary offices.

We can clean and sanitise your portable site offices either daily or weekly depending on your needs to reduce the volume of mud, dust and grime in the cabins. This includes worker welfare units like bathrooms and eating areas.

CHAS registered and COSHH regulated.

Our company are registered and pre-approved by the ‘contractors health and safety assessment scheme’. Each staff member has additional training and comply with COSHH regulations to keep your worksite as safe as possible.

Construction cleaning methods and products.

Building sites have more dust, dirt and scrutinising attention to detail is required on final handovers. Our team know builders cleans are specialist and we have the appropriate equipment, products and methods to deliver an efficient and effective service.

Regular and emergency fogging cleaning services available for site offices and welfare units in Cornwall.

What to expect from our sparkle and builders cleans in Cornwall?

In the construction and building industry managers, workers, contractors and clients all benefit from a high, professional cleaning standard. From increasing welfare standards on site to a ensuring a spotless property handover, our team of cleaners are well equipped to help.


What is a builders clean?

A builders clean helps keep a site clean during the building process. Builders and construction workers do make a mess, it’s the nature of the job. By removing dirt and debris as your project progresses, you can reduce the risk of accidents, help out other tradesmen (e.g. painters) and create more accurate snag lists.

  • Removal of packaging and debris
  • Removal and cleaning of paint, plaster, adhesive spills
  • Keeping the work site presentable and tidy
  • Helping other trades finish to a high standard (e.g no painting over dust)
  • Reducing health and safety risks
  • Prepares your building project for the sparkle clean

What is a sparkle clean?

A sparkle clean is the final clean that takes place once all other trades have completed their snagging and finishing touches. Also known as an ‘end of builders clean’ or a ‘handover clean’. It is the deep specialist clean that gets the dust in every nook and cranny and it finalises your construction or self-build project.

  • Removal any remaining paint flecks (e.g windows/plug points)
  • Removal of all protective packaging
  • Methodical, deep clean of the entire space
  • Specialist detail cleaning equipment
  • Reducing health and safety risks
  • Photographs of remaining snags or damage found

Sparkle cleaning and achieving efficient handovers.

Our approach to sparkle cleaning is to complete our work as close to the project handover deadline as reasonably possible. Hence, we request that we are the very last contractor to be scheduled into the overall project – after all other snagging has been completed. This is so we can be efficient in our service and provide best handover experience possible for end clients.

How-to Cleaning Methods

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