Sparkle + Builders Cleaning Services


From construction companies to personal projects,  if you are looking for a builders clean or sparkle clean in Cornwall, our cleaning team are well equipped to help you reach that final vision.  There are differences between these specialist cleaning services depending on what stage your project is at.

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Builders Cleaning in Cornwall

Builders and construction workers do make a mess, it's the nature of the job. A builders clean helps keep a site clean during the building process. By removing dirt and debris as your project progresses, you can reduce the risk of accidents, help out other tradesmen (e.g. painters) and create more accurate snag lists.

Sparkle Cleaning in Cornwall

Also known as an 'end of builders clean' or a 'handover clean'. A sparkle clean is the final clean that takes place once all other trades have completed their snagging and finishing touches. It is the deep specialist clean that gets the dust in every nook and cranny and it finalises your project.

Keep your offices and workspaces in Cornwall fresh and welcome your clients and customers into a clean space.​
Detail detail detail. From assisting the crew to full yacht refurbishments. Our boat cleans in Cornwall are completed to a premium standard.
If your space in Cornwall needs that extra bit of care and attention or maybe you want to gift a clean, we are ready to roll up and get in every nook and cranny. 

Builders and Sparkle Cleaning FAQ's

We are flexible to put out any variant of ‘welcome pack’ you have created for your guests. However, we don’t source or supply this for our holiday let clients. Saying that, if you need any advice or opinions we can help you with this.

Yes we do. Most cleaners will arrive onsite with our COSHH regulated cleaning products and colour coded cloths.

Yes we do. In fact, the majority of our cleaning products are environmentally friendly. Some specialist cleaning products, for example enviro friendly mould remover may come at a higher price.

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