How Commercial Cleaning Benefits Your Employees

Credit: Austin Distel

Today we list the overlooked benefits commercial cleaning has on your employees. Having a clean workspace is a great place to start to keeping your staff happy.

Did you know the cleanliness of a work environment has a direct effect on your employees’ mood, productivity, and attendance? As we’ll explain, they do, and as you are aware these factors have a knock on effect on your business.

1. How does commercial cleaning increase employee productivity?

From bad air quality to how the human brain seeks out distractions, cleaning and  productivity seems like a tenuous link at first. However, there are many studies and research that prove that a clean space is a productive one. 

Sometimes staff forget to keep on top of their desks and the office in general -examples include the communal office kitchen lunch crumbs from Monday and multiple coffee-rings. If your employee’s workspace is unclean, messy or cluttered, studies show they are more likely to feel fatigued and depressed. 

A resident cleaner can keep on top of this and prevent any negative feelings from rising. A commercial cleaner can do the following responsibilities:

  • Kitchen – including the fronts of cupboard, the wall behind the bin and the fridge.
  • Dusting cabinets, window ledges, skirtings – it doesn’t take long for dust to build up in an office environment.
  • Hoovering – office floors are notorious for needing a good clean especially at high footfall areas.
  • Toilets – an important area to keep hygienic 
  • Customer and Client Areas impressions are everything
Credit: youxventures

Research also suggests an untidy desk can make it hard to focus on particular tasks and achieve goals during the workday. That harmless coffee stain is a distraction, as are those plates and dishes piling up on the draining board, not to mention the bin overflowing with Tesco meal deals. This, in turn, leads to stress, which isn’t great for getting work done effectively.

2. Benefits of clean air in the office.

Believe it or not, good air quality is very important for employees.

Indoor spaces, if not ventilated and aired out regularly can become stagnant and polluted. It is believed that dirty, unhealthy indoor air diminishes human cognitive function.  So next time you walk into the office and it smells stuffy, open a window and let the room breathe.  Fresh, clean air might just encourage a team of productive employees! Regular commercial cleaning and the occasional deep clean will clear your office air free of built up dust and your work environment feeling fresh. 

Keep your office clean and organised to reduce staff wasting time searching for the odds and ends they need throughout the day.

3. Reduced spread of disease - fewer sick days.

Imagine, you are in an office and one person is slightly ill. They’ve touched the copy machine, the kettle, made you a cuppa and have been handing you paperwork all day. Shared spaces are prone to the spread of germs and bacteria, especially in winter months when we button up all our commercial buildings tight. This reduction of airflow combined with the arrival of flu season – your office becomes the ideal place for unpleasantness to grow causing a jump in sick days

Moreover, your employees could pass sickness to their family which could mean more time off is needed, especially with children involved. These office conditions suggest a regular clean might be needed:

  • Working long hours in close proximity to their co-workers
  • Eating meals or regularly snacking in their workspace
  • The employees not regularly washing their hands

We know that it’s not easy to control employee behaviour. However, you can make sure the workspace is clean. Frequent cleaning and keeping on top of sanitising commonly touched or handled surfaces in the office are great ways to keep your employees healthy and reduce sick days.

4. Secret mood booster.

How amazing does it feel when your own home is clean and fresh? It’s the same when you walk into an office. After all, your employees might spend 8 hours or more in the same workspace. When that space gets dusty, cluttered and dirty, you don’t notice it building up. When it’s clean, you can guarantee everyone will feel better and happier for it!

All these points do make for a better work environment and helping employees do the best they can in their job. Also, you benefit from it as well because your office will get the care and attention it deserves too!

Take a look at our commercial cleaning services in Cornwall and find out if we can help you. Also check out our points on Reasons to hire a commercial cleaner in Cornwall to help you make up your mind.