About Passmore Cleaning Company

Established in 2017, our Falmouth-based cleaning company is a family business that has extended its cleaners and experience over the years. Read how we started and our promise.

Our Story.

Passmore Cleaning launched just before the summer of 2017 with a website, some newly printed business cards and an excited Passmore family. Fast forward to this moment, we are made up of a strong team of incredible, permanent staff members who all work hard everyday to make the business a success. We are your local cleaning company in Falmouth and Penryn and we create fresh, clean spaces for people.

Our Promise.

We will always give 100% to make sure you are happy with our cleaning services. With friendly, open and honest communication, we always check in with our clients and ask for any feedback, good and bad. So, if we have missed something then we will put it right straight away, no quibbling or quarrels. We want you to feel comfortable with talking to us and confident you are in good hands.


What do we think of cleaning and how do we treat our staff?

The world needs cleaners.

Passmore Cleaning believe that cleaning is an understated and underestimated job role. We believe that cleaners make a true difference to people on a daily basis and at bigger milestones such as moving house and completing a building project. Let’s face it, without professional cleaners, life would be a little dingier. 

We pay our cleaners a fair wage.

Cleaning can be a slog sometimes and is hard work! This is why we never pay minimum wage. We respect our cleaning staff members and provide them with all the tools necessary to do their job at the best of their ability. Our staff are thoroughly trained and gain real health and safety qualifications with IHASCO when working with Passmore Cleaning. 


Who created our funky cleaning illustrations?

Introducing our brilliant and talented illustrator Georgia Mason who has allowed us to elevate our brand and express our personality. I think you can agree Georgia’s characters are charming, unique and capture the values of a local, family-run Cornish company. We are confident there isn’t a cleaning company with a look like ours so big thanks and hugs to Georgia for our illustrations! Contact her below:

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